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Methanol as shipping fuel

Methanol as fuel for work vessels

The application of methanol as shipping fuel to marine vessels has gained considerable momentum recently. Methanol fuelled engine technology is currently under development at fast pace and expected to be widely available in the near future.

Even though the use of Methanol as shipping fuel is relatively new, there has been interest in methanol from the sector for some time, with several examples of successful deployment. The application to vessels is a relatively easy step for the industry. Methanol is expected to get an important position in the alternative marine fuel spectrum. Several methanol-fueled vessels are already on order, and the list is expected to increase further.

Safety requirements Methanol as vessel fuel

Methanol has a low flashpoint and requires low ignition energy, resulting in additional safety barrier requirements than those required of conventional fuels. This means for example: specific firefighting requirements, infrared cameras and alcohol resistance foam to be put in place.

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam has specialist knowledge and experience involving application of Methanol, Hydrogen and Ammonia fuels to marine vessels. We support clients that are upgrading existing MDO fuelled vessels with a methanol-hybrid (MDO) power system. We have a track record of Methanol fueled vessel design development, including:

  • Methanol and associated safety system P&IDs
  • Hazardous area plans
  • Methanol Arrangements
  • HAZID workshops

Customized Methanol fuel solutions

Is methanol suitable for your vessel as an alternative fuel? We offer highly customized solutions for both new designs as well as existing vessel fuel conversions. Contact our Vessel Design department.


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