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Green Measures

Sustainable shipping starts with sustainable use

Besides measures to improve the efficiency of ships, reduce emissions and save fuel, we also look at maritime operational alternatives. Green measures that help minimise environmental impact. 

We look beyond the design of the ship or the propulsion system. We look at measures related to the operational use of the ship. While sailing, while loading and unloading, or while moored at the final destination. Even during construction on the yard, or during maintenance. We look at the environmental impact in terms of ballast water and regulations. The impact of noise pollution on the environment during maritime operations. Sustainable shipping starts with sustainable use.

Engineering specialists in green operational measures

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam has specialist technical knowledge of green operational measures, giving us the capability to offer highly customized solutions for both existing as well as new vessels. The will, knowledge and techniques are available to make the change. 


Green Measures

  • Water Ballast Treatment

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