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Waste Heat Recovery

Improve efficiency of ships by reusing energy

Improve efficiency of ships through Waste Heat Recovery (WHR). By reusing waste heat from exhaust gases and process cooling, emissions reduce and financial benefits increase. Recovering heat provides an opportunity for a reduced emission and less costly energy resource.

Diesel and alternative fuel burning engines, fuel cells, and batteries offer considerable opportunities for waste heat energy recovery. Waste energy from a ship engine is heat removed by the cooling system, heat escaping from the engine surface due to convection or radiation and through exhaust gases. The energy recovered from their exhaust or process cooling can then be used to generate electrical power, and supplement process or domestic heating demand onboard.

Examples of Waste Heat Recovery application:

  • Generating electricity
  • Preheating combustion air
  • Preheating furnace loads
  • Absorption cooling
  • Space heating

The advantage is that no additional fuel is used for these applications. The net results in increased overall energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower energy costs. 

Improving efficiency of ships

At Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam, we know all about the application and use of Waste Heat Recovery systems. The system has its advantages, but it is important that it is carefully integrated into the ship. This applies both to new ships, as well as retrofitting in existing ships. We work closely with recovery equipment manufacturers and advise our clients with vessel specific optimal solutions. Our knowledge base and expertise come from continuous research work, state of the art know-how, and solid experience in application of energy recovery equipment to a variety of vessels. We regularly advise our clients of the waste heat recovery potential specific to their project. Our solutions range from:

  • Feasibility studies
  • System P&IDs
  • 2D and 3D arrangements
  • 3D models
  • Detailed specifications 

Are you wondering whether Waste Heat Recovery is an interesting application for improving the efficiency of your ship? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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