Safeway OspreyLifting equipment

Image of Safeway Osprey

Motion compensated gangway system

Safeway OspreyLifting equipment

Motion compensated gangway system

The Safeway Osprey is self-sustained gangway with integrated HPU and controls. Vuyk engineering performed the concept development and detailed design.

Concept design Basic design

Safeway is a Dutch company part of the Van Aalst Group and specialized in the design and production of offshore transfer equipment. Safeway has a product line of motion compensated gangway systems: Seagull, Osprey and Gannet. 

It can be positioned anywhere on the vessel and only requires the hook-up from the onboard power system to operate. Continuous access allows very high personnel transfer speeds. The telescopic boom is constructed from aluminum to minimize weight and simultaneously increase workability. Based upon the earlier design work for the Seagull series, Vuyk was involved from the early start of the concept development until detailed design.


Launched in
Maximum boom length
31.9 m
Telescopic stroke
10 m
Approx. 100 mt
General workability
Hs=3.0m (Tp=5 – 20s)
Max. bridge luffing stroke
-20 / +25 degrees
Slewing range
240 degrees

Concept design

  • Preliminary design package
  • Preliminary tender information for inquiries

Basic design

  • Design package key components
  • Final tender information for (yard) inquiries


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