Ravestein Skylift 3Sheerlegs

Image of Ravestein Skylift 3

Pontoon with sheerleg crane

Ravestein Skylift 3Sheerlegs

Pontoon with sheerleg crane

Ravestein recently commissioned its newest crane pontoon: the Skylift 3. The design of this crane pontoon is based on the existing Skylift fleet. Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam has supported Ravestein with this new design and provided all strength calculations.

Skylift 3

The Skylift 3 is based on the Skylift 2, but with an increase in lifting capacity from 250 tonnes to 400 tonnes. This combined with a 10-metre extension of the A-Frame resulted in a lifting tool which gives Ravestein new opportunities and more capacity in the installation market.

The crane system is an A-Frame sheerleg type design on a rotating platform. This combined with a long fly-jib. The slewing frame is mounted on a grillage-type platform. The variable ballast box limits uplift on the slewing system and the deck.

About Ravestein

Ravestein/Skylift Marine owns a fleet of Skylift crane pontoons, used for multiple types of civil construction works and in shore lifting operations. Ravestein, Shipyard and Construction Company specializes in heavy steel constructions such as bridges, lock gates, roll-on/roll-off landing stages, jack-up platforms and backhoe dredgers, as well as all types of modular pontoons and ships.


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Crane and heavy lift experience

Over the past 15 years, several cranes and heavy lift systems design projects have been carried out by Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam. The combination of equipment design, vessel design and marine operations gives an advantage in executing these projects, as both the lifting equipment and the ship are designed at one firm. This allows for quick adjustments to the design during the development process and resulted in easy lines of communication between the client and our engineering team. 

Picture courtesy of Ravestein. 

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