Pioneering Spirit Transition frame Pipelay equipment

Image of Pioneering Spirit Transition frame

Stinger transition frame

Pioneering Spirit Transition frame Pipelay equipment

Stinger transition frame

For the world's largest construction vessel, the Pioneering Spirit from Allseas, Vuyk had the honor to design the so-called stinger transition frame which connected the vessel to the deepwater S-lay pipe laying stinger system.

Concept design Detail design

The Pioneering spirit, due to its size, was able to accommodate a groundbreaking deepwater S-lay stinger system. This S-lay pipe laying method allows for far higher laying speeds resulting in lower costs. In 2012 Vuyk performed the concept design and detail engineering of the stinger transition frame including vessel integration.


Launched in
60.00 m
2000 m
Module with
12 m
Module height
22 m
S-lay tension capacity
2000 t

Concept design

  • Preliminary design package
  • Preliminary tender information for inquiries

Detail design

  • Design package ready for production
  • Incorporate manufacturing standards and procedures
  • Support transition and translation detailed design at yard
  • Specifications parts
  • Design manuals
  • Operational manuals

This module is effectively the transition structure between the vessel to the stinger. It houses a portion of the firing line accommodating roller boxes that are actuated in height allowing angular freedom at the stinger. In addition, the module also provides access to the stinger for maintenance.

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