Matador 3Sheerlegs

Image of Matador 3

Powerhouse seagoing floating sheerlegs

Matador 3Sheerlegs

Powerhouse seagoing floating sheerlegs

In 2000 Bonn & Mees had their next-generation floating sheerleg vessel Matador 3 with a lifting capacity of 1800 tonnes designed and engineered by Vuyk. 

Basic design Detail design

The Matador 3 is the younger sister of the Matador 2 and lifts no less than 1800 tons. They are rightly called a powerhouse.


Launched in
70.00 m
32.00 m
6.00 m
3.00 m
1800 m
Gross tonnage
3898 t
Lifting Capacity
1800 t

Basic design

  • Design package key components
  • Final tender information for (yard) inquiries

Detail design

  • Design package ready for production
  • Incorporate manufacturing standards and procedures
  • Support transition and translation detailed design at yard
  • Specifications parts
  • Design manuals
  • Operational manuals

Particular to the lifting equipment, Vuyk had the honor to design the complete system. This including the capability to lower the A-frame backward in addition to a the Fly Jib. Later through its lifetime, the vessel was provided with several upgrades to the Fly Jib, extending the crane’s hook height to now 75 meters. Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam continues to have a strong relationship with Bonn & Mees by providing consultancy during high-risk lift operations and offshore works.


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