GulliverCrane vessels

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Self-propelled DP2 crane vessel

GulliverCrane vessels

Self-propelled DP2 crane vessel

For the self-propelled DP2 crane vessel Gulliver, operated by Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors, Vuyk had the privilege of performing the basic design of the vessel in combination with the basic design of the crane.

Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors ordered a powerful, self-propelled DP2 crane vessel, Gulliver. For the basic design of the vessel and cranes, Vuyk was selected as an experienced and solid design partners.


Launched in
108.00 m
50.90 m
8.00 m
4.90 m
DP rating
Hoisting capacity
4,000 t

The Gulliver l can be used for any type of offshore heavy lifting work in challenging situations, such as the installation of oil & gas platforms, renewable foundations, and topsides, the construction of bridges as well as the removal of abandoned platforms.

The scope of work of Vuyk included the complete basic design of the vessel, the cranes, and all systems, including skidding systems and rigging. The application of the combined lattice and box structures for the lifting appliances and also the use of high-strength materials is what made this project challenging. 

Vuyk designed a powerful ballast system, with sufficient capacity to follow the hoisting operation accurately, allowing jobs to be completed quickly and safely.

A few specific characteristics make this crane vessel unique in its field. It has two cranes with a lifting capacity of 2,000 ton each. The cranes can be moved 25 m over the ship (skidding), which allows the free deck space to be used to transport cargo to its installation site. Extensive calculations by Vuyk proved that skidding of the cranes is also possible at sea. An additional fly jib can be mounted on top of the boom of each crane.
The four azimuth thrusters and the DP2 system allow installation work to be conducted in deep water without the use of anchors. For shallower locations, the ship is also equipped with a powerful 4-point mooring system.


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