Future Proof Blade Rack Substructure

Image of Future Proof Blade Rack Substructure

Grillages to transport blade racks

Future Proof Blade Rack Substructure

Grillages to transport blade racks

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier is committed to the future of offshore wind energy, and has been contracted to carry out multiple wind turbine installation projects in Taiwan. The ship Bold Tern will be used for this purpose. For these projects and future wind turbine generator (WTG) installation campaigns, Fred. Olsen needed blade rack grillages to transport various blade racks of various suppliers.

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam has been contracted for the designs of various support grillages and sea fastenings. Environmental conscious, we got the task to make them durable taking into account the various types of WTG components of various suppliers. Therewith also enhancing the interchangeability of project specific components, thereby increasing operational efficiency of the vessel. 

By cantilevering the blade racks at the back, we freed up substantial deck space. This enabled the ship to carry components for up to 4 turbine sets per trip. Including space for a cherry picker to support the blade lifting tool. 

Blade Rack design properties

  • Suitable for various SGRE and Vestas blade racks
  • Sufficiently high above deck to avoid blade immersion as well as use of deck space below blades for container storage
  • Structures are placed above deck to avoid welding against sideshell and involvement of class
  • Similar designs are made for Seajacks Scylla (Walney II and others OWF) and Wind Osprey (HKZ)
Picture courtesy of Fred. Olsen Wind Carrier


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