Foundation Installation Vessel

Image of Foundation Installation Vessel

Heavy lift crane vessel

Foundation Installation Vessel

Heavy lift crane vessel

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam designed a heavy lift foundation installation crane vessel for cost-effective installation and decommissioning. 

To provide a crane vessel for the specific market demand, this design is developed with as key driver the balance between initial investment, operational cost, and vessel workability. 


185.00 m
65.00 m
13.00 m
8.00 m

The main dimensions and vessel layout are optimized for the increasing demands from the offshore wind and decommissioning industry. Turbine foundations increase in size and weight, suited for deeper waters and larger turbines. The deck layout is such that it can accommodate a significant number of these structures. The philosophy on cost reduction is to aim at efficiency in the majority of the operational cycle, rather than pushing the upper limit of workability, resulting in this cost-effective solution. 

Hydrogen-Hybrid Propulsion

The vessel is outfitted with a Hydrogen-Hybrid propulsion system. This system consists of a Hydrogen storage system, Hydrogen fuel cells, and electric power distribution and management system. This is combined with a diesel-electric power system, for delivering the peak powers during critical installation operations in rough weather conditions.

Above setup results in zero-emission during Hydrogen specific operating modes and significant emission reductions in the Hybrid Hydrogen-Diesel-Electric operating mode for higher power demands.

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