Design of a buoy laying vessel

Image of Design of a buoy laying vessel

Work vessel for deploying, laying and handling buoys

Design of a buoy laying vessel

Work vessel for deploying, laying and handling buoys

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam created a concept design for a new-build buoy laying vessel. The main purpose of this vessel is maintaining and installing buoys in coastal, harbour and open sea areas, suited for all year round operation.

The buoy laying vessel has a working deck for maintenance of buoys and chains. It provides a safe working platform for deploying, laying, handling and maintainance. The cargo deck will provide space for the storage of up to 8 fully constructed buoys.

The ship should be capable of sailing approximately 10 knots during operations. The hull lines have been optimized to reach the most economical fuel consumption for the vessel. Furthermore, the vessel will be provided with an energy storage system that is capable of running at least 12 hours on battery power when operating on anchor mode.

Key assets buoy laying vessel

The concept of the buoy laying vessel has been further developed into the most optimal design. This has resulted in the following key assets for the vessel:

  • Safe working space with flexible layout for different ways of buoy handling
  • Suited for all year operation
  • Optimized hull form for the operation, as well as the fuel costs for the vessel when in operation
  • Good vessel behaviour to minimize the motion impact on the crew and provide optimal working conditions on board in all sea states
  • Ability to minimize the environmental footprint of the vessel by applying a well-balanced Energy Storage System


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