Flexible transition pieces grillagesSeafastening and grillages

Image of Flexible transition pieces grillages

Formosa 1, Jumbo Kinetic

Flexible transition pieces grillagesSeafastening and grillages

Formosa 1, Jumbo Kinetic

Jumbo Maritime, a renowned heavy-lift transporting company located in Schiedam the Netherlands contracted Vuyk Engineering, to support the design and engineering of flexible grillages for transition pieces (TP’s). 

The TP grillages are flexible with the result that they can be used several times for different diameters. The TP’s were transported from Laem Chunan to Miaoli in Taiwan, where they formed part of Taiwan’s Formosa 1 Phase 2 Offshore Wind Farm.
The TP’s were carefully secured to the grillages on board the Jumbo Kinetic and moved in three shipments. In total 20 TP’s with a diameter of about 8 x 30 m high and a weight of about 485 tonnes, each was shipped. A great process to see. 

The grillage is designed to fit various size diameters and deck layout by flexible spider spoke design perfectly. The spokes are boltable and depend on the weight and obstacles, can be configured project specifically. The grillage is capable of handling TPs with a minimum diameter of 6.5m and a maximum of up to about 8.5m. Depending on the boundary conditions, TPs up to 820 tonnes could be transported with various flange thicknesses. Trought the innovative craftsmanship of Vuyk we could make this design happen and Jumbo is using them to their full capacity.   


Launched in
8 x 30 meters
485 tonnes


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