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As a maritime design and engineering company, Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam is intensively involved in the era of maritime energy transition.

One of the main topics is the fuel of the future. During a design process, this topic is often combined with the demand for a fuel of tomorrow and the future. Fuels which can be considered are for example Hydrogen, Methanol, LNG, full Electric, or various other energy carriers.

Search for the best choice
While choice of a specific fuel may depend on its availability, fuels’ safe storage and handling systems application to vessel type and operating profile requires careful engineering - that not only meets latest regulatory requirements, but also offers best emission reduction solution. Besides selection of a single fuel, multiple combinations and hybrid systems result in a more complex search for the best choice. 

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam
Over the last years, Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam has gained knowledge and experience with most of these alternative fuels, relevant systems and latest regulatory requirements. In the coming weeks we will showcase a series of these projects on LinkedIn.

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