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Our journey

Customer journey: let us do this together

We support and guide you through all steps of the design process.

Every design process starts with understanding you, your ideas and your vision. We let these ideas and vision fuel the business case and our partnership during the project.  For our journey together, we align our progress and deliveries with the project schedule, resulting in deliveries that fit your overall planning.

1. Customer request

  • Technical feasibility and risk assessment
  • Basic sketch of the solution
  • Preparation concept design

2. Concept design

  • Preliminary design package
  • Preliminary tender information for inquiries

3. Basic design

  • Design package key components
  • Final tender information for (yard) inquiries

4. Detail design

  • Design package ready for production
  • Incorporate manufacturing standards and procedures
  • Support transition and translation detailed design at yard
  • Specifications parts
  • Design manuals
  • Operational manuals

5. Fabrication and commissioning

  • Production drawings
  • Building process
  • Commissioning
  • Delivery

6. Operations

  • Project engineering and support
  • Upgrades and modifications

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