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Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam is committed to solve maritime challenges for leading shipbuilders and maritime industry players around the globe. From straightforward and proven, to the most complex requests. We find design and engineering solutions for high performance issues, by offering vessel designs and conversions, vessel equipment designs and upgrades and operational engineering solutions.

Vuyk’s experienced specialists work on direct orders from the beginning of a new project. In this early stage, its engineers advise customers on design matters and ensure that any required elements are provided. The total scope could range from feasibility studies to full basic designs or operational engineering packages including detailed engineering.

Broad portfolio
Besides vessel and equipment design, and operational engineering, Vuyk is able to create and engineer the most complex or highly technical solutions, as long as there is a connection with water. Vuyk’s engineers’ many years of experience in this fields is exceptional.

Our story

Our customers are serviced with maritime design and engineering solutions from the straightforward and proven, to the most complex requests. 

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Our history

1872 AD: headline claiming resilience in DNA

Armed with the reputation, design know-how and experience in cost calculation of Vuyk Shipyards, a few ambitious young men launched a new company called Vuyk Engineering and Trading in 1979.

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Our journey

Customer journey: let us do this together

We support and guide you through all steps of the design process.

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Driven by pride, knowledge and expertise

At Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam, our team of more than 100 experienced engineers continuously strives for the highest achievable quality, providing engineering designs meeting the highest standards. And we do so, driven by pride, knowledge and expertise, for globally renowned shipbuilders and players in the maritime industry. Offering customized solutions to complex issues.

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Jobs at Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam

We work on complex and innovative ship engineering solutions. Your skills can make a difference in the maritime industry. See our vacancies:

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